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New Hobby

Posted by spymama on Feb-20-2015

Have you ever seen a guitar with 4 strings? Well, it’s not a guitar, actually. It’s called a Ukelele. I met a lady who played this four strings instrument recently. It was a mahalo ukuleles, according to her. She is not a young person nor middle aged, mind you. She was about in her 60s! I saw this bag she carried so I asked if it was a violin or guitar and she told me it was a 4 string mini guitar, that was how I learnt about this instrument. She told me it was much easier to pick up than a guitar… one instrument I never complete learning when I was in my early 20s because my teacher was really impatient teaching a leftie-me…

Perhaps I should now pick up this instrument and see if I can pull it off…

Happy 2015 Year of the Goat!

Posted by spymama on Feb-20-2015

In case you’re wondering… yes I am still around, although I blog less. Age and laziness is one big aspect in my life. I feel old and I feel lazy. But I have read that this year, The Year of the Goat is a good year for me.. That made my day. So I got a little bit more active today just to write some.

How did your 2014 go? Mine was filled with lots of apprehensive stuffs. Tired, stress and loads of work. But I am hoping 2015 will do better after getting positive feedbacks from the yearly Fengshui readings. Yes, I do believe in Fengshuis, Divination and all that sort of New Age related work.

I hope this year will bring you, my readers a wonderful year, filled with happiness, joy, prosperity and goodness. May God Bless you all!

Postage Changes

Posted by spymama on Oct-15-2014

Did you guys in Singapore knew that the local postage for mails has gone up? I didn’t know that. That was because I had not stepped into the local post offfice for the longest time. Yes very very long. Not to send any snail mail, couriers nor even to pay any bills. Everything is so much convenient now. I pay my bills via internet banking or sometimes the AXS machines. And sometimes I pay through the bank’s ATM machines. That is if I’m late or just on time.

So I guess that meant post office is very under utilised now. Or so, I thought. I read in the papers that the post office, regardless of so many ebanking, internet banking, emails and online stuff, their business has been brisk. You know why? Because internet shopping is big business. That means the post man or couriers actually has more parcels to deliver. So where does that leave us? I haven’t done much shopping at the malls so I’m not sure about brick and mortar shopping. For those who prefer to touch and feel maybe…

But I know many online sites are around asking us to register ourselves to purchase their online goods via internet. No rental needed only paying for maintenance and hosting fees, I suppose. Oh,and those coupons are great. You get as much as 60 to 70% off and sometimes so much cheaper than going to buy retail or pay to the food outlets itself. I know a buffet that you only need to pay a nett amount of $20 per head. So reasonable. Of course you need to register to their discount sites first. If you are one who loves a good bargain, Join now..

I hope I can find a site that can give a great discount on travel and musical instruments. I’m still looking for that white guitar..

My Winning Master

Posted by spymama on Oct-15-2014

Oh well. I don’t mean slavery, if that is what you think. I meant my idol, RF. RF is my favourite tennis player, Roger Federer. He had just won, oh forget which game. He wins all the time. I’m not here to advertise all those Winbledon games, Grand Slam or any other tennis events. RF just rocks. He is the worlds greatest tennis player which I enjoy watching win, again and again. He gives me the inspiration to live life, his never giving up attitude, whichever age and he always comes up winning. He is definitely a world player.

Okay guess you’d probably got bored to death over my exaggerated adoration for a tennis player.

So, who had been watching.. mmmm football…. Spypapa had never stop and it seemed that he and I, well, we fight over the television when the World Cup and Wimbledon games are on. Hahahahaha

Okay, I give in. I watch the re-telecast so he gets the couch. Ouch.

Window Shopping for Christmas

Posted by spymama on Oct-9-2014

I know. It is a little early for Christmas shopping. But, where I am, its actually not. Why? Because, at this time of the year many shops are getting ready to receive new goods for retail for Christmas celebrations. That means, old goods just have to go.

Every Thursday and Friday I always walk past this store that sells musical instruments. And I am definitely eyeing that beautiful piece of white guitar, hopefully I can one day get to buy it at its lowest price possible. I have walked past this store dozens and dozens of times. Waiting and waiting. Their Clavinovas comes with promotions whenever there are new models coming in but.. what about that piece of Guitar? Perhaps because these are products that do not go out of style and it gets better and better each time one plays it? Hmmmm..

I am waiting, anyway.

Priority Eyes

Posted by spymama on Jul-23-2014

OH yes. My eyes are first priority. To be able to see, view, watch, look, read etc is very important. Of course other senses like touch, smell is just as important but to me, my eyes are very very important. To Me, i stressed.

Last two days, I had some pain in the left eye. Each time I blink, I feel my eye muscle strained, pained at this minor movement. No pus but a little swelling like a water bag below the left eye. Not sure why and it remained a little swelled the following day.

A third day later, the swelling stopped and the pain was hardly there BUT my eyes, the glassy or the cornea part, looked swelled..oooh that scared me. So without hesitation, I went to visit the local GP near home…and I am on a two hour wait for my turn to be called….sigh such a long wait but never mind.

My eyes are very important to me….

Happy Chinese New Year

Posted by spymama on Feb-1-2014

Lung Ma Jing Shen, err if that is the right way to write. Well, I’ve not been taught Mandarin before but I hear these sayings all the time during Chinese New Year. So many auspicious sayings that are so meaningful.

Like Xin Nien Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi. Shen Ti Jien Kang… etc.

So, it is the second day of Chinese New Year.. Those of you who are young and single… hope Angpow collecting was awesome. For the married ones, giving Angpows will mean many more prosperous things to come your way.. don’t fret.

So I guess amidst all those visitations… many of the singles dread the elders asking if they have boyfriends, getting married soon, bla bla and those married ones, when the baby comes and those who already have one child when the second one comes in… the neverending story. And some of those who avoids all these by spending on themselves, a holiday is the way to Chinese New Year celebrations…

Spring cleaning time is over probably till the next few months when cobwebs appear, huh. Everyone then complains how much they put on after the first week of the celebrations.. Fear not. Enjoy now, today because we never know what will happen tomorrow.

Be Blessed. Have a great Lunar New Year, everyone!

New Wardrobe for 2014

Posted by spymama on Jan-4-2014

I decided to get a new wardrobe from Ikea a few days ago. The current one seems to be creaking a lot. Also, I suppose the door is also kind of loose because the bottom part of it seems like it may come out any moment. It is probably caused by a lag screw because this wardrobe has been with me for the last 6 years. Some part of the paint had faded and looked pretty ghastly. One of my friends said it looked like something from a horror movie.

Happy New Year 2014

Posted by spymama on Jan-4-2014

Hey Everyone! It is 2014! I’ve been blogging for more than 6 years in all! So how are you doing? Thank you for coming to read my blog all these years! Have you done any resolution? Have you executed any resolution? Mine this year is to live and exercise healthy living. I have been neglecting my health last year and aches and pains were my package… This year, I want to eat more oats and fibre. And get my health checkup too.

This is going to be a ‘Horse’ year, according to the Chinese Astrological sign. Would it be a good year? I would prob check the fengshui site. This is the first year I have not done so, as I had done so in every previous year. Busy working, I guess.

I’ve moved house again. Lots of happen in 2013 year, good and bad. Balanced, I guess. I’ve had a horrible week ending right after Christmas but I dont want to dwell into that. I want to be positive as it is already a New Year. No negative thoughts and certainly want to pay it forward with more good things.

So for everyone who is reading this. Have a Blessed 2014, stay healthy, positive and Huat Ah!!!

Metals buying frenzy

Posted by spymama on Aug-29-2013

As in my title above, I am in a frenzy buying metals like gold coins and silver stuffs. Gold has gone down in the past few months. Little India is buzzing with people going into jewellery shops and pawn shops buying gold, silver and all that glittery stuffs. Yes, the price of gold is really more affordable, compared to a year ago. But I prefer going online when it comes to shopping for the best bargain. Among the regular site I usually check is the www.goldeneaglecoin.com because you can get a lot of information and news. As a gold coin collector, nothing but the best is always in my agenda. And, the value will rise again and so shall my profits. Some friends of mine have started to do the same after learning about this lucrative hobby of mine… ah well. Sharing is a good thing.